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Join the Alberta Farmers Wholesale Market as either a Wholesale Farmer or a Wholesale Buyer to improve the quality and health of our environment and rivers by supporting organic, chemical free and biodynamic Alberta Farmers. Alberta Farms enjoy your support of this online service knowing they are providing healthy produce to Calgary Families and Calgary Restaurants and Businesses at Wholesale prices. Albertans helping Albertans at a crucial time in our history. Enjoy locally sourced farm fresh meats and produce at wholesale prices!

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How It Works!

Alberta's Wholesale Market place connects Alberta farmers & producers with wholesale buyers. Sign up and Become part of our sustainable solution!

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Wholesale Products

Look at the variety of Alberta wholesale products available. Once you start buying from local farms you will always buy wholesale.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is required to become a member & the direct relationship between Alberta farms & wholesale buyers . Our direct farm quarantee.

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Best Quality Services

Support Alberta & Canada first farm products that you can depend on. Canadian standards are the highest In the world. Quality guaranteed!

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Welcome to our Wholesale Market

From Baby boomers to young new families, Albertans value the fresh quality of products that are organic and natural, free of chemicals, free of antibiotics and hormones while enjoying the opportunity to support local producers. There is also a strong desire to be independent of outside food sources and become a wholly sustainable community. Albertans want to know where their food comes from, how it is grown and the people who produce it. While many Albertans are willing to search out and pay extra for foods they believe to be fresh, nutritious and wholesome, the Farmers Wholesale Market provides local food that is picked and prepared at its freshest at a wholesale price.

Farm direct wholesale marketing through the Farmers Wholesale Market allows the farm producer to receive the rewards of delivering quality agri-food products directly to the wholesale consumer. Its a win/win to Alberta farmers and wholesale buyers as the prices for produce sold directly to consumers can be substantially higher while the farm price is only a fraction of the present retail food price.